Climb the Nursing Ladder. Elevate Your Career.

You’ve found your calling as a caregiver, and you’re passionate about the impact you’re making as an RN. But your career goals don’t end there — you’re ready to advance your leadership skills and become more specialized in your practice.

The University of Tulsa provides a pathway for motivated nurses like you to keep progressing in their careers. Our online RN to MSN pathway links our 35-credit* RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to our 30-credit Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), allowing you to earn a graduate-level nursing education in as few as 24 to 36 months. Designed to accommodate the working nurse, the RN to MSN features a flexible eight-week course format.

To support your degree attainment, TU accepts up to 90 transferable credits, which includes 72 credits in general education and foundational nursing courses.* You may also be eligible for up to 18 additional transfer credits upon submission and review of a professional portfolio.

If you’re not already a licensed RN and you have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, TU’s online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) can help you take those first steps toward a nursing career.

*Please note that the time to completion and total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations and professional portfolio credit worksheet.

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Earn Your RN to MSN Online at TU

You have what it takes to lead in nursing, and the BSN curriculum will introduce key concepts and competencies to level up your leadership skills. The MSN curriculum builds on this foundation, offering four specialty tracks so you can advance your skills in your preferred area of focus:

  • Leadership and Innovation
    Emphasizes key leadership competencies such as cross-disciplinary communication, budgeting, staffing, and performance measurement
  • Education and Elevation
    Prepares nurse educators with pedagogical theories and strategies, assessment and evaluation tools, and curriculum development tools
  • Public Health Global Vision
    Develops expertise in population health and wellness, public health promotion, and disease prevention — both locally and globally
  • Informatics and Analytics
    Guides nurses in the practice of informatics, data and information management, health care information workflows, and project management

Elevate Your Career With an Online RN to MSN Program

Pursuing education beyond a BSN not only amplifies your leadership influence but also prepares you for roles with more independence and higher salaries. Take a look at the differences in potential career outcomes for BSN- and MSN-educated nurses:*

BSN Careers

Charge Nurse

Median Annual Salary: $80,533

Nurse Case Manager

Median Annual Salary: $77,054

Unit Manager

Median Annual Salary: $73,512

Hospice Nurse

Median Annual Salary: $73,353

MSN Careers

Medical Director, Community Health

Median Annual Salary: $212,589

Chief Nursing Officer

Median Annual Salary: $140,246

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Median Annual Salary: $135,931

Nursing Curriculum Developer

Median Annual Salary: $85,000

*Salary data from Payscale

Curriculum & Courses

Designed for active registered nurses with an associate degree in nursing, the online RN to MSN combines TU’s 35-credit* BSN program with the 30-credit MSN program. This program pathway is offered in an eight-week format with multiple starts a year, providing you with the flexibility to begin courses at a time that’s right for you.

*Please note that the total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations and professional portfolio credit worksheet.

Online RN to BSN Degree Path

Term Courses Credits
Term I Courses
NSG 3053 Health Assessment 3
NSG 3063 Theoretical Frameworks in Nursing 3
Term II Courses
NSG 4013 Nursing Care of the Family 3
ENGL 3003 Writing for the Professions 3
Term III Courses
NSG 4543 Quality Across Health Care Systems (II) 3
NSG 4023 Informatics in Healthcare 3
Term IV Courses
HCDS 2013 In Sickness and in Health 3
NSG 4263 Leadership / Nursing Science V 3
Term V Courses
AHS 4045 Health Care Research with Statistics 5
Term VI Courses
NSG 3073 Population Health 3
NSG 4643 Capstone 3
Total Core Credits 35*

View full curriculum details in The University of Tulsa course catalog.

Online MSN Core Nursing Courses

Term I Courses Credits
NSG 7113 Advanced Theoretical Frameworks of Nursing 3
NSG 7123 Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3
Term II Courses
NSG 7133 Health Care Policy 3
NSG 7143 Health Promotion 3
Term III Courses
NSG 7153 Pathophysiology 3
NSG 7163 Pharmacology 3

Leadership and Innovation Track

Term IV Courses Credits
NSG 7213 Leadership and Management 3
NSG 7223 Innovation in Nursing 3
Term V Courses
NSG 7233 Budget and Finance 3
NSG 7603 Capstone 3

Education and Elevation Track

Term IV Courses Credits
NSG 7313 Curriculum Development 3
NSG 7323 Assessment and Evaluation 3
Term V Courses
NSG 7333 Teaching Strategies and Engagement Methodologies 3
NSG 7603 Capstone 3

Public Health Global Vision Track

Term IV Courses Credits
NSG 7413 In Sickness and In Health 3
NSG 7423 Population Health 3
Term V Courses
NSG 7433 Epidemiology 3
NSG 7603 Capstone 3

Informatics and Analytics Track

Term IV Courses Credits
NSG 7513 Healthcare Informatics I 3
NSG 7523 Healthcare Informatics II 3
Term V Courses
NSG 7533 Data Analysis and Healthcare Technology 3
NSG 7603 Capstone 3

View core curriculum details in The University of Tulsa course catalog.

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“If you’re looking to elevate your nursing career, we want to help. TU offers a seamless journey for RNs seeking to rise into an endless world of possibilities by earning a versatile and highly impactful MSN degree.”
– Dr. Cassy Abbott Eng, The Oxley College of Health and Natural Sciences Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs and Director of Online Programs at TU

Tuition and Financial Aid

65 total credits

$458 per credit hour

Financial assistance and payment plans available

The RN to MSN pathway program prepares you to level up as a nurse leader and become more specialized in your practice so you can realize your full earning potential. The online RN to BSN is the first step in your degree path at TU, affordably priced with textbooks included in the cost of tuition. Once you’ve completed your BSN, you’ll enjoy priority admission to TU’s online MSN program at the BSN rate of $458 per credit hour, saving you $145 per credit hour you earn. Pre-semester monthly payment plans are also available for your convenience.


Elevate to Leadership

We teach the hard sciences alongside valuable soft skills, preparing you to take the lead in your career.

Growth-Minded Education

We prepare you for continued career growth as a nurse leader to increase your impact in health care.

Accomplished Faculty

Our faculty includes certified nurse educators and advanced practitioners, with 60% holding a doctorate.

Community of Care

Our educators take the time to provide one-on-one academic support and career guidance.

Future-Proof Practices

We shape our programs around current industry needs, preparing you to face them with confidence.

Reputation of Excellence

TU grads are consistently recognized as capable leaders by partner hospitals and patients.


Experience Growth-Minded Education

The University of Tulsa provides opportunities for ambitious learners to reach their next milestone, whether teaching undergraduates the skills they need to excel professionally or prepare for graduate school, or offering programs that allow nurse practitioners to expand their scope of practice.

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What You Need for Admission

The University of Tulsa is home to future leaders and compassionate caregivers with diverse backgrounds and experiences who seek impactful roles in nursing. Please review the below requirements for admission to the online RN to MSN pathway program at TU.

Entry Requirements*

  • Unofficial college transcripts
  • An associate degree from a regionally accredited institution

*Graduates of TU’s RN to BSN program enjoy priority admission into the online MSN program.


Please note that the total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations and professional portfolio credit worksheet.

  • The RN to BSN program requires a total of 125 credit hours.
  • Students must complete at least 35 credit hours at TU
  • TU applicants to the RN to BSN program may transfer up to 90 credits:

    • 50 credits may be applied towards the general education requirements

    • With an associate degree and an RN license, 22 credits will be applied toward foundational nursing courses

    • Up to 18 additional transfer credits may be awarded upon submission and review of a professional portfolio. Applicants with less than 18 credits of professional experience will need to complete additional coursework. Acceptable portfolio materials include:

      • Documentation of advanced certification
      • Work experience as a registered nurse
      • Continuing education program credits
      • Professional association membership
      • Nursing leadership roles
      • Participation in nursing research
      • Peer-reviewed publications
      • Presentations at health care conferences

      Note: Applicants who have worked at least 12 months as a registered nurse may complete the Professional Portfolio Credit Worksheet to have work experience evaluated for credits. Applicants who are early in their nursing careers may still be eligible to receive professional transfer credits, as long as they achieve at least 12 months of work experience while enrolled in the program. RN to BSN students may apply for professional credit evaluation at any time while enrolled.

    • Electives and block credits are transferable

    • Non-nursing credits earned from regionally accredited colleges and universities are generally transferable if:

      • A grade of C or better has been earned in the course
      • The University of Tulsa offers a comparable course
    • Pass/fail courses are not transferable unless a grade of C or better can be documented

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The University of Tulsa is known for its long-standing legacy of producing skilled and hard-working nurses, dating back to its first graduating class from the School of Nursing in 1973. TU's online programs are sharing this reputation of academic excellence with a cohort of learners across the United States, preparing a new generation of future-ready nurses, compassionate caregivers, and nursing leaders to thrive in their field.

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