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You see a future for yourself in the field of nursing, but you're not sure how to make your entrance. The University of Tulsa's online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) is built specifically for working professionals and adult learners who have a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field and want to quickly transition to a nursing career — allowing them to complete their degree program in as few as 18 months.

At TU, you'll receive one-on-one support from our accomplished faculty, who take the time to understand your goals and set you on the right course to achieve them. You'll learn the clinical knowledge necessary to deliver effective care as well as soft skills — such as communication, critical thinking, and self-care — that make for well-rounded nurses.

TU graduates are eager to advance the social good and have the clinical knowledge necessary to make an impact. You're what nursing needs. We're what you need to get there.

Please note: TU is currently accepting ABSN applications from residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia.

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Earn Your Accelerated Online BSN at TU

Our online ABSN, accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), is designed for adult learners who want an expedited path to a nursing career. Courses are delivered over eight-week periods with five start times per year, offering an easily accessible and truly efficient pathway for motivated future nurses. Our compassionate, experienced faculty emphasize research-based practices, preparing you to pass the NCLEX-RN® and meaningfully impact patient outcomes.

We include the Roy Adaptation Model, a theoretical framework that gives a holistic and collaborative lens to complex health care problems, throughout the curriculum. Here are some general topics you’ll encounter in ABSN coursework:

  • Overview of the professional, historical, social, and political forces that affect nursing and health care
  • Basic principles of pharmacotherapeutics and metrology calculation related to drugs and solutions
  • How to use the nursing process to help individuals experiencing simple disruptions to health across lifespan

TU Graduates Are Ready for the NCLEX-RN

From the very first class you take at TU, you’ll begin learning the material you’ll need to be prepared for the Next Generation NCLEX. The NCLEX is the licensure exam that determines whether prospective nurses have the clinical knowledge necessary to begin practicing as registered nurses.

The University of Tulsa is proud to have some of the highest first-time NCLEX pass rates in the state of Oklahoma, rates that also far exceed the national average. In both 2021 and 2022, 95% of first-time test-takers at TU received a passing score.

Take a look at TU’s NCLEX results for first-time test takers over the past three years:

Calendar Year TU Pass Rate
2022 95%
2021 95%
2020 89%

Accelerated Online BSN to MSN Degree Pathway

Graduates of TU’s ABSN program who pass the NCLEX enjoy priority admission to the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), a 30-credit hour program designed for working nurses who want to continue advancing their professional skill set.

Curriculum & Courses

Designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, the ABSN program is built on 60 core credits* and offered in an accelerated eight-week format to allow for multiple starts each year. Degree completion requires a one-week skills bootcamp on our campus as a prerequisite to clinical work and a combination of preceptor and project-based clinicals, totaling 630 hours.

Clinical requirements are completed alongside course content to reinforce learning and foster clinical development. Students will complete preceptor-based clinicals in their local communities with the assistance of TU placement coordinators. TU will also assign a clinical faculty site visitor to support clinical experiences overseen by an experienced preceptor.

*Please note that the total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations.

Online ABSN Courses

NSG 2003 Fundamentals of Nursing (3 credits)

NSG 3053 Health Assessment (3 credits)

NSG 2233 Pharmacology (3 credits)

NSG 3063 Theoretical Frameworks of Nursing (3 credits)

NSG 2111 On-Campus Skills Bootcamp (1 credit, 30 preclinical hours)

NSG 2343 Acute and Chronic Care I (3 credits)

NSG 2373 Acute and Chronic Care I Practicum (3 credits, 135 clinical hours)

NSG 2443 Acute and Chronic Care II (3 credits)

NSG 2473 Acute and Chronic Care II Practicum (3 credits, 135 clinical hours)

NSG 4543 Quality Across Health Care Systems (3 credits)

NSG 4023 Healthcare Informatics (3 credits)

NSG 3543 Nursing Care of Specialized Populations I (Gerontology/Mental Health) (3 credits)

NSG 3572 Nursing Care of Specialized Populations I Practicum (2 credits, 90 clinical hours)

NSG 4013 Nursing Care of the Family (3 credits)

NSG 4643 Nursing Care of Specialized Populations II (Maternal/Child) (3 credits)

NSG 4672 Nursing Care of Specialized Populations II Practicum (2 credits, 90 clinical hours)

NSG 3073 Population Health (3 credits)

NSG 3071 Population Health Practicum (1 credit, 45 clinical hours)

NSG 4263 Nursing Science V (3 credits)

NSG 4643 Capstone (3 credits)

NSG 4843 Acute and Chronic Care III (3 credits)

NSG 4873 Acute and Chronic Care III Practicum (3 credits, 135 clinical hours)

View full curriculum details in The University of Tulsa course catalog.

Testimonial headshot of BSN alum, Victoria Crider.
“While I am learning how to perfect my technical skills, I am also gaining insight on how to handle situations as they arise, how to earn a patient’s trust, and how to communicate with family members.”
– Victoria Crider, BSN Alum, on the clinical experience gained through a preceptorship while studying at TU

Tuition and Financial Aid

$445 per credit hour, textbooks included

60 core credits*

Financial assistance and payment plans available

Are you ready to invest in your future with an online ABSN at The University of Tulsa? TU brings you an elite private nursing education at a competitive price and offers pre-semester monthly payment plans for your convenience. Our program equips you with clinical knowledge and leadership skills to achieve your career goals and realize your full earning potential.

*Please note that the total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations.


Focus to Leadership

We teach the hard sciences alongside valuable soft skills, preparing you to take the lead in your career.

Tangible Nursing Skills

Between research-based coursework and hands-on clinicals, you’ll gain critical skills to be a transformative provider for patients.

Accomplished Faculty

Our faculty includes certified nurse educators and advanced practitioners, with 60% holding a doctorate.

Community of Care

Our educators take the time to provide one-on-one academic support and career guidance.

Future-Proof Practices

We shape our programs around current industry needs, preparing you to face them with confidence.

Reputation of Excellence

TU grads are consistently recognized as capable leaders by partner hospitals and patients.


Accelerated Nursing Education at an Unbeatable Value

To make the ABSN degree as accessible as possible to impassioned prospective nurses, TU grants conditional admittance to students with a variety of bachelor’s degrees, even if they’re missing required courses like microbiology and statistics.

Nurses interacting in a hospital.

What You Need for Admission

The University of Tulsa is home to ambitious learners of diverse backgrounds and experiences who seek impactful roles in nursing. Please review the below requirements for admission to the online ABSN program at TU.

Entry Requirements*

  • Completed application for admission
  • Completed clinical placement form (included in application)
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Professional resume or CV outlining academic and professional experience

  • $150 enrollment deposit
  • Professional liability insurance and health insurance (for clinical courses). The liability insurance fee is $25 per semester.
  • Criminal background check paid on behalf of the student by the University of Tulsa

*An on-campus, one-week skills bootcamp must be completed prior to starting clinical courses



  • CHEM 1013 and CHEM 1011 General Chemistry with lab (4 credit hours)
  • BIOL 2153 and BIOL 2151 Human Anatomy with lab (4 credit hours)
  • BIOL 2173 and BIOL 2171 Human Physiology with lab (4 credit hours)

Students must complete all prerequisites with a grade of C or better before beginning nursing major courses.

Corequisites (completed after admittance)

  • AHS 2122 Normal Nutrition
  • AHS 2223 Microbiology for Health Professions
  • AHS 2133 Life Span Processes or PSY 3063 Developmental Psychology
  • AHS 4043 Introduction to Applied Health Care Research


Please note that the total credit hours required may vary based on your individual official transcript evaluations.

  • The ABSN program requires a total of 125 credit hours
  • Students must complete at least 60 credit hours at TU
  • 65 transferable credit hours are required for admission
    • Electives and block credits are transferable
    • Non-nursing credits earned from regionally accredited colleges and universities are generally transferable if:
      • A grade of C or better has been earned in the course
      • The University of Tulsa offers a comparable course
  • Pass/fail courses are not transferable unless a grade of C or better can be documented


The online ABSN at TU is currently accepting applications from residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. For students seeking registered nurse licensure, please review the specific academic requirements for the program in which you are enrolling, including those related to practicum/internship, as well as pre-qualifications for licensure.

It is the responsibility of the student completing the licensure program to check with the licensing board(s) in their state of residence or the state in which they intend to obtain a license for the most recent information and requirements. Many licensure boards have additional requirements beyond successful degree completion to obtain a license. Please be advised that state laws, regulations, and policies may change at any time.

TU shall not be held liable if the student is unable to qualify for licensure or certification in any jurisdiction or cannot obtain a practicum/internship location.

Nursing students in graduation ceremony wearing their whitecoats.

About The University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa is known for its long-standing legacy of producing skilled and hard-working nurses, dating back to its first graduating class from the School of Nursing in 1973. TU's online programs are sharing this reputation of academic excellence with a cohort of learners across the United States, preparing a new generation of future-ready nurses, compassionate caregivers, and nursing leaders to thrive in their field.

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